really just assembly

My sister requested that I make this banana pudding for our Easter dinner, and that was enthusiastically seconded by my daddy. We returned from Quinn’s business trip to New York on Friday night. After I worked on Saturday, I was very glad that my contribution was going to be this simple dessert. I did also make another batch of Black & White Cupcakes, because I felt the need for some chocolate at the table. I got those into the oven and had the banana pudding made before the cupcakes were done set up limited company in hong kong.

I have made this dessert many times, but I’ve somehow never shared it with you. It’s beyond simple. In fact, I feel a little guilty making it because the hardest thing I have to do is clean up the three or four bowls I manage to use in making it registered address.

I sometimes feel a bit guilty about making it because it’s really just assembly. The cookies are store-bought. The pudding comes from a mix. The whipped cream is frozen. However, there is certainly something to be said for a delicious dessert that’s quick and easy sheung wan apartment.

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