Cranberry Cream Cheese Bread features lots of cranberries and nuts in a simple quick bread with a ribbon of cream cheese running through the center.

Cranberries are so briefly available every year that I tend to go a little cranberry crazy in my baking. An excess of fresh cranberries led me to bake this Cranberry Cream
Cheese Bread.

This wonderful quick bread is filled with cranberries and pecans, and it gets even better with a swirl of cream cheese running through the middle. The flavor combination is just
fantastic. I’m fairly certain that this cranberry bread recipe has taken a lofty spot in my favorite quick breads ever.

This bread mixes in the usual quick bread way using the muffin method. That means that the wet ingredients are combined and added to the dry ingredients (plus the sugar). That makes it quick and easy to mix. The only extra step is making the cream cheese layer, but it is 100% worth those few extra minutes.

The cranberries in this bread get chopped before getting stirred into the batter. I usually bake with whole cranberries, but I think the smaller pieces work really well in this bread to spread out that cranberry flavor as much as possible.

I didn’t alter the original recipe very much, although I did opt to use orange juice instead of the suggested apple juice. Either will work, but I do love cranberries and
oranges together. However, I sometimes find that the orange flavor can come a little too strong for my liking. Of course, we all have different taste preferences, so feel free
to increase the orange juice by 1/4 cup if you like. It will make the batter a little wetter and not quite as thick, but it should give you a similar result.

I must say that this Cranberry Cream Cheese Bread is now one of my fall and winter go-to recipes. It’s so great just for snacking, but it’s also a terrific homemade gift for
the holiday season. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!


Make and share this Vanilla Bean Cheesecake for Two with your favorite dessert lover!

There’s something special about making a dessert for two. Maybe it’s as simple as the intention behind it, that you’re making something to share with someone special hearing aid hk.

Quinn and I are both big fans of cheesecake, so I thought it only appropriate that I find a way to scale down cheesecake for us to share. This Vanilla Bean Cheesecake for Two does just that with a simple cheesecake with wonderful flavor.

I must admit that getting this one just right took me a little longer than I would have liked. Previous versions of this little cheesecake were tasty but with some tiny issue or another that kept me going back to the kitchen to try again. It all worked quite well in the end, and I learned a thing or two that I can pass along to you Womens Health Check hong kong!

There are a couple of key things to keep in mind when you’re making this cheesecake. First of all, make sure your pan is the correct size. The batter fills it fairly full, so any change in pan size will definitely make a difference with how it rises and bakes. I have linked below to the set of small springform pans I have, although I’m on the hunt for lighter colored versions.

Another thing to take care to do well is greasing the pan. If your cheesecake sticks to the sides of the pan, then it may crack as it cools. As usual, I use a cooking spray with flour for the pan. But after the initial baking of the crust, the spray may need to be reapplied. If you spray it onto a paper towel, you can reapply it to the sides before adding the filling. You’ll see that the cheesecake deflates a little and pulls away from the sides as it cools. If you’ve taken care to keep it from sticking, then it should turn out beautifully coworking space.

I like to top this cheesecake with sweetened whipped cream. From there, you can add whatever topping you’d like. Keep it simple with fruit, sprinkles, toffee bits, chocolate shavings, or anything else that strikes your fancy. I opted to add a pretty, fruity twist to the cheesecake you see here. Simply add a few little dollops of strawberry preserves and swirl into the whipped cream. I keep toothpicks on hand for testing doneness, and I find that one of those picks works really well for making the swirl.

We thoroughly enjoy this Vanilla Bean Cheesecake for Two. It’s just the perfect dessert to end a special meal for you and your favorite dessert lover. And with how simple it is to make, I think you’ll find it to be a go-to dessert for those special occasions for two!


Yes, more pecans. But, it is pecan season after all. I made these as a little anniversary treat for Quinn. (We celebrated 6 lovely years of marriage on Saturday.) Of all the things that I have baked over the years, these are his favorite. This works out well for me because they’re really simple to make. The recipe comes from a book I’ve had for ages, Best of the Best from Mississippi Air Purifier.

Before I go any further, let me just say that I am none too proud to use ready-made pie crusts for these. This recipe is a dream with them. For a big pie, I would most likely make my own, but for these little bite-sized ones, you can bet I’m getting store-bought. However, feel free to make your own.

In the South, these little pies are known as tassies. Now what that means or where it comes from, I haven’t a clue. Quinn, not being from the South, was amused the first time I called them that. I think marrying a Southern girl has been quite an experience for him. But I digress start business in hong kong.

During the holidays, I usually make a couple of regular size pecan pies (more about that closer to Thanksgiving), but I use a different recipe for the filling. Somehow the exact ingredients for these doesn’t translate as well into a larger pie. That works the other way around, too. Could be the filling to crust ratio.

These little pies are, I must say, amazingly good. They are so light and have just the right amount of sweetness. Plus, they just look so cute on a tray or bundled up for a gift BNO Visa.

For some pie crust guidance, read and see BoB’s Pie Crust Tutorial.

really just assembly

My sister requested that I make this banana pudding for our Easter dinner, and that was enthusiastically seconded by my daddy. We returned from Quinn’s business trip to New York on Friday night. After I worked on Saturday, I was very glad that my contribution was going to be this simple dessert. I did also make another batch of Black & White Cupcakes, because I felt the need for some chocolate at the table. I got those into the oven and had the banana pudding made before the cupcakes were done set up limited company in hong kong.

I have made this dessert many times, but I’ve somehow never shared it with you. It’s beyond simple. In fact, I feel a little guilty making it because the hardest thing I have to do is clean up the three or four bowls I manage to use in making it registered address.

I sometimes feel a bit guilty about making it because it’s really just assembly. The cookies are store-bought. The pudding comes from a mix. The whipped cream is frozen. However, there is certainly something to be said for a delicious dessert that’s quick and easy sheung wan apartment.


If there’s one thing I wish I baked more often, it’s muffins. How much nicer is it to have a homemade muffin for breakfast instead of the usual breakfast fare? I am not known for being a morning person, which most likely explains the few and far between muffin recipes on BoB Sage accounting.

These muffins may have the lightest and most delicate texture of any muffin I’ve ever made. They have a cake-like consistency that is so much nicer than most muffins or coffee cakes. Muffins can tend to be dry and generally unappealing once you get past the wrapper. These little gems, however, are not in the least bit dry. They are light and moist and just plain delicious Start-up visa canada.

I sent a dozen or so of these muffins to Quinn’s co-workers, and they didn’t last long. Someone sent word that these are everything a muffin should be. I couldn’t agree more satinique.


Not that long ago, I was one of those annoying people who had their holiday shopping done by November. Those days are far behind me. While you won’t see me among the throngs fighting crowds on Christmas Eve, I could very well be found scouring the internet for gifts and paying extra for overnight shipping Health supplement Hong Kong.

Whether your shopping habits are methodical or frenzied, I think you’ll find this list useful for the bakers in your life or maybe even for yourself.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you have likely caught on to my love of the new West Elm Market in my neighborhood. On a recent visit, I became enamored with this Labeled Kitchen Mixing Bowl Set. They actually have a whole little family of these items, including Storage Containers, Mortar + Pestle (also pictured below), and a Utility Jar Sage online.

West Elm Market also has a great selection of aprons. I’m not much of an apron-wearer, but this is where I’d get one if I were.

I have a weakness for cake stands. I have learned to keep it in check, but I still love to drool over them. This tiny Petit Treat Cupcake Stand is one of my favorites from Rosanna, Inc. I love the pink, but it’s also available in green, yellow, and white Electronic Bidet.

Fishs Eddy is probably my favorite store in all of NYC. They have all kinds of cake stands, but this Lotta Cake Stand is such a fun alternative to the standard fare .

For a stocking stuffer, how about this OXO Good Grips Good Cookie Spatula? Not only is it a handy baking tool, but 50% of the profits support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. That is an organization dedicated to raising funds to help pediatric cancer research. It’s a double win!


Is anyone else loving the abundance of blueberries right now? As much as I’m counting down the days until cooler weather, I don’t want all these glorious blueberries to go away fixed asset management software.

Finding ways to use blueberries is part of the fun. I’ve been baking up a storm. I’ve even made jam, but more on that later. I hope you’ll forgive me for posting another quick bread this week. They are one of my favorite things to bake (and eat!), and they’re also a great use of fresh fruits 12 volt dc electric motor.

I have a longstanding love of banana bread, which is good because I make it relatively often. We have a tendency to buy bananas and not eat them. Anyone else do that? Luckily, overripe bananas are a baker’s best friend. And, there are endless variations of baked goods to be made with them.

I added some fresh blueberries to this round of banana bread. I really love the combination of blueberries and bananas. You get two sweet fruit flavors that play together oh-so well Virtual Office Tsim Sha Tsui.

In a surprising move on my part, I did not add any nuts to this bread. It really doesn’t need them, although some almonds sprinkled on top before baking might just be perfectly lovely. I did add a bit of sour cream for a little tart punch and for a lovely texture.

Leave your mixer in the cabinet for this recipe. You can easily mix this bread without it. And, if you prefer, you can make 12 standard-sized muffins instead of a loaf.


No recipe today, because I want to share one of my favorite products – Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spreads! Thanks to Philadelphia Cream Cheese for sponsoring this post amway probiotics.

I sometimes wonder if you picture me in my kitchen constantly surrounded by freshly baked goods. While that is often the case, we have a lot of everyday routines just like everyone hong kong offshore account.

Most weekdays, we are a bit of a boring pair when it comes to breakfast. Quinn has his cereal, and I have my yogurt and granola. Lately, though, I’ve been veering off that path with some delicious help from Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spreads.

It’s such a treat to smear a generous helping of fruity cream cheese onto a toasted English muffin or bagel and top it off with some toasted almonds. I’m loving the strawberry and blueberry varieties Sage ERP!


Sour Cream Banana Coffee Cake is a lovely banana treat layered with chocolate chips and nuts. Great for any time of day!

The number of banana baked goods here on BoB is a direct result of how many bananas we buy that don’t get eaten before they get overripe. I’m sure I’m not alone in turning good banana-eating intentions into bread, cake, bars, and anything else that lets me use them Virtual Office HK.

In fact, I make sure to keep several banana recipes bookmarked for those times I spy perfectly overripe bananas on my kitchen counter. I’m not sure if that makes me overly prepared or just resigned to the fact that we’re likely not to eat all the bananas we buy. In either case, I’ll happily enjoy banana treats like this Sour Cream Banana Coffee Cake.

The last time we got bananas, I was secretly hoping that they’d go uneaten so I could make this cake. I’ve had my eye on it for a while for several reasons. First of all, I love the flavor combination of bananas, chocolate, nuts, and cinnamon. Secondly, I do love a good coffee cake. And, of course, I’ll take any excuse to get out a Bundt pan hong kong business registration.

The cake was all I wanted it to be and more. It’s less dense and more delicate than most coffee cakes I’ve made. The banana flavor is subtle but works so well with that gorgeous ribbon of chocolate, nuts, and cinnamon.

If that sounds good, go check your counter for your current banana status. Then, get to baking or save this one for the inevitable day you want to stop some bananas from going to waste atlaspace coworking.